Implementation Of K12 Education In Switzerland: Pros And Cons

Implementation Of K12 Education in Switzerland

The implementation of K12 education has undergone radical reforms all over the world.

Oftentimes we are made to feel as if our own education systems are inferior to those other nations who invest more of their annual GDP in education. The oft-quoted trope about the superiority of the various Asian education models, where suicide is a common enough malady when students don’t meet rigorous examination requirements, are quite familiar to even the novice educator-to-be.

The same tropes exist about the Scandinavian countries. Those northern European countries all offer a much better education model than our own, right? Surely we could learn a lot from studying their implementation of k12 education.

Let us look at the education model of one country in particular that seem to always be at the forefront of these sorts of discussions in education circles and teacher’s conferences: Switzerland.

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