Here’s An Easy Way To Understand PISA Testing In Our K-12 Education System

PISA Testing In Our K-12 Education System

K-12 Education System: Role Of PISA Tests

PISA (the Program for International Student Assessment) is an international study conducted by the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development) in member and non member countries, to assess and compare the scholastic performance of pupils in science, reading and mathematics. The tests are conducted in three-year cycles to allow for changes in the education system, and changes in student achievements. Three main domains are examined during every cycle, however, the major domain will change with each cycle.

For example, literacy was the major domain in PISA 2000, math in PISA 2003, science in PISA 2006, reverting back to reading in PISA 2009, with math being the major domain in PISA 2012 for the second time. [Continue reading]