K12 Learning Works

K12 Learning is a publicly held company that sells its curriculum to public schools and individual families with lesson plans for the grades of Kindergarten through the 12 grade. The course work is mostly online, but there are also paper and book materials that the students must use. The company … [Click to Continue...]

K-12 Reviews

Improving K-12 Education In The Philippines

In 2011, the Republic of the Philippines began a major overhaul of the K-12 education in the Philippines. Prior to 2011, education in the Philippines had not been compulsory and had only been offered for ten years as compared to the twelve for most other developed countries. The Department of … [Click to Continue...]

K12 Curriculum Solutions For Homeschooling

Today, there are a lot of parents and families as a whole who are wondering if public or even private schooling is the best choice for children. Many are now finding that they can get an incredible education brought right into the comfort of their own homes with the help of the K12 curriculum. … [Click to Continue...]

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